What is Spineliner therapy?

The technique on which Spineliner is based stems from space research. The Spineliner is a computer-assisted analytical and therapeutic device that conveys gentle, mechanical impulses to zones of pain such as the spinal column to locate blockages and to treat pain purposefully. When a spinal disc is subjected to these impulses, it oscillates at a specific frequency. A spinal disc with a functional disruption due to, for example, restricted mobility, oscillates at a different, higher frequency. These different frequencies are displayed on a monitor. The actual treatment occurs subsequently through the use of a series of gentle impulses whose strength and frequency have been accurately adjusted. The delivery of pulses is automatically aborted by the device once a normal frequency is reached.

For which kinds of pain is the use of Spineliner therapy sensible?

Spineliner alleviates a number of orthopaedic and chronic ailments:

  • Blockage of the spinal column, especially of the neck, and thoracic (chest area) spinal column with restriction of movement
  • Rehabilitation of spinal disc injuries
  • Dizziness and tinnitus
  • Shoulder– and neck strain
  • Cervical vertebrae injuries, such as whiplash
  • Tension headaches
  • Painful conditions of muscles, joints and tendon attachments
  • Painful trigger points

What is the advantage of Spineliner therapy?

The advantage of Spineliner therapy is that it places less of a burden on the patient and causes them less pain. The treatment results can also be displayed directly on the monitor. Patients typically experience a lack of pain or an improvement in mobility directly after the treatment.


You will find further information on the  Spineliner web site.


Please note that this service is not generally covered by public medical insurance.